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So you’re on Substack, and you want to write. Welcome. But have you noticed that the people growing audiences and making money are, *checks notes*, already paid writers/influencers/actors/news anchors/columnists/sports commentators…need I continue?

If you’re like me you’re wondering if it’s possible to make it if you’re just a nobody. Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’m your girl. I don’t do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok (well, until I started trying to market my newsletter, Kindling).

I have minimal friends and influence. I’m 34, a mother with a full time job and animals to take care of. And I have a dream. To become a paid writer. This is my weekly newsletter documenting my attempts. I’ll give you everything. My strategies, my marketing research, and what works and doesn’t. Let’s see if we can do this.

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This is a journey in real time. Watch me try to grow a following, go paid on Substack, and get my stories published.

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A humorous, real life written documentary on a nobody (me) trying to make it as a writer. Tips, tricks, and all my failures along the way.